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1979.02.16 Eric
1979.07.28 Minwoo
1979.11.21 Dongwan
1979.11.27 Hyesung
1980.08.19 JunJin
1981.01.21 Andy

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1998.05.05 Vol.1-A Trouble Solving Broker
2000.01.01 Vol.2-T.O.P
2001.01.31 Vol.3-Only Love
2001.08.01 Vol.4-Hey, come on!
2002.02.01 Vol.5-Perfect Man
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2004.08.28 Vol.7-Brand New
2006.08.16 Vol.8-State of the Art
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2008.10.09 Eric 忠誠【地鐵】
2008.11.17 Dongwan 忠誠【西大門】

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New Moon

Finaly watched this movie yesterday.
I watched the 1PM one, didn't see much people around but I', pretty sure most of them are female.
Everything is alright, if you ask am I like it? My answer is NO
So different than the book, I like the books better.
Ok if there is a reason I will buy the DVD, that will be because of Taylor
That boy is sweet, either Taylor and Jacobs
I like that kid, I always want a brother like him, but unfortunately my Peter is nothing like him.
My darling Peter only knows girls and game, he doesn't even know when is my brithday!
Idiot PETER!!!
But I do still love him, cuz he is my little brother.

I go to the gym lately, but it's more diffcult than I thought
I used to go to the gym when I'm in Wales, but that was a year ago
It's diffcult to pick up what I left behind, but I'll keep trying.

Time for sleep, good night XDDD


Watched this movie tonight with Yin
When I was watching it, a thought pull out on my mind
"If the apocalypse come, I will kill myself before it kill anyone I loved."
I know is sad, but it's ture. I just can't seeing people who I love dying
If the date come, I won't flight, at least not for myself
I will flight for those who want to live, but by the end
I will take it over.

Once I was talking with Peter
He said if he can make his life until 50 he will be greatful
because he will try everything he could try to male life more completely perfect.
I agree.
Rather to think how could you survival than make your own life better
That's what I want.

First at first

I might use this site for couple of weeks as my main blog, because the blogcn one is getting me mad, too many people watching there.
Ok, I do feel bad about going to the US, but I'm not going to talk about it in here anymore.
All my travel daily will come here, wish no one can fine out.

Here come an angel with me, my MASON darling.


I said a very interesting post-it today, it's about someone I knew before.
But whatever the point is not on her today, it's someone else know her.
I know that girl is kind of scary and quil cripe, she is very rull to all her friends.
And here is another girl, she is very care about her, I guess.
But for what I saw on that post-it, I really really feelling bad for that girl.
The girl is so rull, she ask the girl who care about her go away and never try to advice her anymore.
How bad it is! Even I don't know that poor girl and I feel sad for her, I wish she isn't anyone I know, if not I will cry.
I mean what kind of people can reject a good heart girl like this! Oh I really don't understand.
Think about it, how nice is someone care about you give you advices, and you ask her get out of your life?
Oh gosh I wish I can slap her right now.
That poor girl have a very good personality and a good heart, how dawn she could do thing like this to her!
Thanks GOD to create the people like this to make us understand what's mean for sad and unhappy.


I've read some post on a bbs I uesd to handout with.
You know human meomery is a very interesting pieces.
You will remember, you could read your memory sometime
it's a beatiuful gift from god.

Me and those people maybe not friends anymore now,
but we did, in the pass.
That would never change.
Sometime we pull out this meomery and read it again,
you will see how fantasy your life is.
Without those people, those hurt and those pains,
we will never grow up.
So it's why I always pleaseful,
for whatever I've lost and I've got.

I wish so do you.

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