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Shinhwa Member Birthday
1979.02.16 Eric
1979.07.28 Minwoo
1979.11.21 Dongwan
1979.11.27 Hyesung
1980.08.19 JunJin
1981.01.21 Andy

Ablum Day
1998.05.05 Vol.1-A Trouble Solving Broker
2000.01.01 Vol.2-T.O.P
2001.01.31 Vol.3-Only Love
2001.08.01 Vol.4-Hey, come on!
2002.02.01 Vol.5-Perfect Man
2002.12.01 Vol.6-Wedding
2004.08.28 Vol.7-Brand New
2006.08.16 Vol.8-State of the Art
2008.04.11 Vol.9-10th Anniversary
Arm Day
2008.10.09 Eric 忠誠【地鐵】
2008.11.17 Dongwan 忠誠【西大門】

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Phone rang, I pick up.
A sound I heard for years, a woman who call herself my mum.
I don't like her, or you can say I hate her.
She never look at me, what ever I work so hard to please her lookat me.
Ever just one.
But she never did.

Those people I call them family, because of the law and I have to.
But they are nothing for me.
They never treat me like a family, or not ever a human.
I am cold, I am sensitive, I am lonely because they are caused by.

Do you know how hard to get someone you can talk with you can call them a friend?
I bet they don't know, because they don't have friends.
They live with their pool little carryful selfish.
Live in this world with none know, you have become a liar.
I liar about all the thing and everything.
Because they can protect me, and I can keep my heart close, to somewhere deep inside of my mind.
To where I don't ever know, then kill it.
Cuz I don't need a heart to live for.
I'm a cold blood animal. Not a human.

And something I think you should clear of.
It's I'm 20, not a 2 years old inncorrent little girl.
Don't under look me, or I must let you pay the price.
You never treat me like a family? Great.
And don't. I don't need a family and someone carry about me.
So do not ever want to get me back to you, as your family.
I'll do whatever I can to destroyed you.
I swear.

Stay away from me.

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